Who we are

Nexos Initiative is dedicated to supporting the expatriate community as they face the challenges of defining who they are professionally and personally in their new host country.

Nexos offers information, coaching, seminars, and workshops aimed at helping expatriates integrate themselves to their new society, learn its language and identify career and job opportunities in a new country.

  • Support for expatriates undergoing the transition and relocation to their new host country.
  • Spanish language training: culture and communication  –  Spanish Conversation  (intermediate to advanced level),  Spanish for Business (advanced level),  Survival Spanish for Children (begginers),  Survival Spanish for Adults  (begginers)
  • All the Info Expats Need
  • Managing Expatriates Needs
    –  Culture Shock, Recovery & Adjustment Phase
  • Expat Women Circle
  • Executive coaching in professional, business and culture exchange.
  • Entrepreneurship.